Access Direct

Management Team

Experience Combines with Innovation

The management team at Access Direct combines more than 100 years of experience in direct mail marketing, printing, data management and list management. Mr. John DiNozzi Sr. (Ret.) co-founded Access Direct in 1969. John V. DiNozzi and Lori Messina have been working in the business for more than 30 years, continuing the tradition of innovation and customer commitment that have put Access Direct at the forefront of the direct mail marketing industry.

John V. DiNozzi is an Owner & Executive Vice President of Access Direct.

John V. DiNozzi

With nearly three decades of Direct Mail Marketing experience, John learned the business from the ground up, working in all areas of Access Direct Systems. This provided him with a unique view of how best to automate and streamline operational flows within the different departments. John’s innovative vision and involvement in strategic planning has led to the development of several profitable expansions within the business. The implementation of these processes resulted in a directional shift in the company’s course and has played a pivotal role in creating the “one stop shop” experience for its clients. This commitment to flexible innovation will take them far into the future.

Lori Messina is an Owner & Executive Vice President of Access Direct.

Lori Messina

Lori’s 30+ years at Access Direct Systems has been a journey from an entry level position to Executive Vice President and owner. Her “can do” attitude and passion for excellence has served her well as she “rose through the ranks.” Her depth of knowledge quickly won the trust of existing clients as well as creating new business. Lori possesses a complete understanding of both client communications, internal project management and how to tailor and apply technology to the individual clients program providing personalized one stop shop experience. Lori’s present position as Executive Vice President makes her responsible for the implementation of the company’s strategic plan, facilitating the various aspects of change management and developing policies, procedures and objectives that continually put Access Direct in the forefront of the Direct Mail Marketing industry.