Postal Optimization

Get the lowest possible postal rates

Because saving you money on postage is our priority, Access Direct uses a wide range of postal optimization tools and strategies to maximize postal discounts for you. Our preparatory process query’s historical databases and postal trends to determine the best possible routing and postage discounts for all classes of mail. We are pioneers in the integration of Full Service IMB, Commingling, Co-Palletization, DSMS, and Drop Ship discounts. Our investments in postal optimization have resulted in significant savings for our clients while delivering mail pieces to recipients faster than ever before.

Whether you are sending postcards, letters, flats, international, certified, or priority express mail, we label, sort, and organize your mailings according to precise USPS specifications, then submit them directly to the USPS, ensuring they qualify for the lowest possible postal rates.

Access Direct is a full service IMB

Full Service IMB

Participating in this USPS program allows our customers to qualify for even more postal discounts through Electronic postage statements and IMB barcodes, and offers visibility of every piece in the mail stream.

comingling for postal optimization


Through this letter-based mechanical sorting process, Access Direct selects mail that can be discounted by moving mail to lower postal tiers.

co-palletization for postal optimization


Tray-based sorting is used in this process to covert Non-Entry mail or NDC mail to SCF discounted mail.

Drop ship management for postal optimization

Drop Ship Management System

This process creates an electronic connection to the USPS, allowing a paperless environment for 8125s. In addition to saving on postal costs, it gets the mail into the hands for the recipient faster with more visibility.

Drop ship service for postal optimization

Drop Ship

For more discounts on Standard class, non-Profit and flat mail, we truck mail on private carriers and deliver it to a USPS facility closer to its final destination.


USPS Interactive Site Map

This tool can be used to check USPS closures by location.